LGBTQ Health

Maine Family Planning works to ensure that all Mainers have access to high quality affordable sexual health care, especially underserved groups that face barriers to access. 

We recognize that discrimination, heterosexist assumptions, and lack of awareness of LGBTQ issues often interfere with the ability of LGBTQ individuals to get their health needs met.

We strive to make sure all clients receive unbiased, confidential, medically accurate, and helpful information and medical care.  All of our health centers serve LGBTQ patients with respect and dignity. We offer our full list of services for all clients. This includes Pap tests, birth control methods, pregnancy and STD testing, emergency contraception, infection treatment, breast and pelvic exams. 

All of our services are offered on a sliding fee scale.  We accept MaineCare and most major insurances.

Click here for a listing of Family Planning Health Centers.


National LGBTQ Online Resources:

Bisexual Resource Center

GLBT National Help Center

International Foundation for Gender Education

Parents, Friends & Families of Lesbians & Gays

Accord Alliance

Maine LGBTQ Online Resources:

Maine Transsupport

Maine TransNet

SOLO – Single Older Lesbians Organization

Equality Maine

Frannie Peabody Center


PFLAG in Maine

OUT! As I Want to Be