Decline to Sign!

Our recent victories are at risk. We need you to commit to defending abortion rights and access in Maine.

Reflecting Maine values and your tireless citizen lobbying, our lawmakers voted this spring to expand health care access by:

  1. guaranteeing MaineCare and private insurance coverage for abortion care and
  2. ending the state’s outdated ban on nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians providing abortion services.

These wins set Maine apart from other states around the country, where legislatures took frightening steps to restrict or outright ban abortion.

Governor Janet Mills signed both bills into law in June. When the laws take effect this fall, abortion care will become more accessible to all Mainers – especially those who live in rural parts of the state and those enrolled in MaineCare.

Now, extremists are trying to roll back these important advances.

Over the next few weeks, you will likely encounter people asking you to sign petitions targeting these reproductive rights bills as well as other key progressive victories. Petition gatherers may be less than transparent about their aims or the effects of a potential veto.

We urge you NOT to sign any petition unless you are entirely clear about what it says. Ask questions. Decline to Sign if the petition doesn’t reflect your values.

We ask you to Pledge to Vote AGAINST any ballot referendum that would strip Mainers of access to affordable abortion care in their communities.

Sign up below for more information and to register for our Access Protection Team.

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