OUR MISSION is to ensure that all Maine people have access to high-quality, affordable reproductive health care, comprehensive sexual health education, and the right to control their reproductive lives.

In 1971, the Family Planning Association of Maine (now Maine Family Planning) was founded by a group of individuals dedicated to the proposition that every Maine woman should have equal access to high-quality reproductive health services. Through their tireless efforts, sometimes against great odds, our founders created a force for statewide family planning.

Two Mainers who played a central role in our creation, David and Sherry Huber, went on to advocate for reproductive freedom as members of the Maine Legislature. Myrna Daigle opened the first family planning clinic in Aroostook County and Mabel Sine Wadsworth started the first family planning clinic in Maine to offer contraceptives.

We Believe:

 All Maine people should have the means and information to control the number and timing of their children regardless of their ability to pay or place of residence.

Our medical services must be complemented by counseling and education services.

A system of laws and education should exist to support prevention of an unintended pregnancy.

Laws should not interfere with an individual’s right to decide what option they may choose in the event of an unintended pregnancy.

The community at large should be educated about the need for family planning services and educational programs.

The people who control the State’s resources must know what we do and how it meets the needs of their constituencies.

It is one of our primary purposes to prevent abortion by preventing unintended pregnancies.

A Commitment to Family Planning Services

Maine Family Planning provides funding, technical support, and quality assurance to 56 health centers statewide, serving nearly 32,000 women, men, and teens annually.

A Commitment to Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Evidence-Based Prevention Programs

Maine Family Planning promotes evidence-based programs that are age-appropriate, designed to meet the needs of the community, and result in positive behavior changes among youth.

A comprehensive approach prepares students for their evolving sexuality by educating them about the risks of STD/HIV transmission and unintended pregnancy and impressing upon them the value and importance of abstinence. In addition, a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum includes units on puberty, anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system, as well as negotiation, refusal, and communication skills all aimed at helping Maine’s young people make healthier choices.

A Commitment to Reproductive Freedom

In 1997, Maine Family Planning addressed an unmet need by designing and developing an abortion service for Central Maine women. Before its creation, nine out of ten women living in the eight-county area, Androscoggin, Oxford, Franklin, Somerset, Kennebec, Waldo, Lincoln and Knox, seeking abortion care had to travel up to three hours to secure the service, either in Portland or Bangor.

In order to ensure that abortions will always be available in Maine, MFP collaborates with the Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency Program to offer abortion care training for physicians interested in learning the procedure.

A Commitment to Maintaining Reproductive Freedom

Maine Family Planning maintains a public affairs department responsible for working with pro-family planning and pro-choice organizations committed to advancing the cause of reproductive freedom in Maine. Maine Family Planning played a leading role in defeating the 1999 Abortion Ban Referendum as a member of the NO on 1 Coalition and in passing legislation in 1995 that codified the tenets of Roe v. Wade into state law. Maine Family Planning works on progressive family planning policies that translate into concrete benefits for Maine women, men, and teens.