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Teaching Materials

Our Prevention Program provides guidance to schools and youth-serving organizations in selecting and adapting evidence-based teaching materials that are medically-accurate, age-appropriate and fit a range of educational environments. Our team provides teaching materials that align with Maine’s Health Education Standards and the National Sex Education Standards.

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2018 Edition

Puberty education is a building block for future sexual health topics. This curriculum, updated in 2018, is written for youth in grades 4-6 and includes:

  • activities that address the social, emotional and physical changes of puberty
  • inclusive language and tips for addressing gender diversity in the classroom
  • realistic scenarios and opportunities for young people to practice skills and problem solve
  • a flexible, easy-to-use format aligned with national and Maine’s health education standards
  • supplemental lessons on a variety of age-appropriate topics such as body image, healthy relationships and Internet safety
  • background information, resources and support for educators

Please feel free to download the Puberty Happens units below or contact to request a hard copy of the curriculum and for access to the anatomy slides.

Click here to access our new health and hygiene lesson, Taking Care of My Amazing Body.

Puberty Happens Curriculum

Please fill out the form below for a downloadable version of Puberty Happens.  Please save this file to your computer.

Puberty Happens Curriculum

The Middle School Scope and Sequence is designed to meet the sexual health standards for grades 6-8.  The goal is to provide middle school educators with a Scope and Sequence for sexual health education between Puberty Happens, intended for older elementary studentsand Best Practices in STI/HIV and  Pregnancy Prevention curriculum for high school students.

This Middle School Scope and Sequence identifies learning objectives and topics appropriate for the middle school grades with lessons, resources, and educational videos that can be integrated into a wide range of middle school education settings.

The Scope and Sequence:

  • Helps students navigate relationships and build effective communication skills
  • Provides foundational knowledge of the human reproductive system
  • Describes the physical, social, and emotional changes of adolescence
  • Addresses people’s understanding of who they are, including gender roles and identity and sexual orientation
  • Assists students in recognizing unsafe situations, both online and within relationships
  • Enhances skills in communicating personal boundaries and understanding consent
  • Increases knowledge and skills for prevention of STI/HIV and unintended pregnancy

NEW features of the 2022 edition include:

  • New activities on social media, technology use, consent, gender identity and more!
  • Educator user guides for all topic areas.
  • A guide to using AMAZE videos.
  • Easy to use hyperlinked activities that connect directly to PDFs and slide decks for lessons.

Please feel free to download the Middle School Sexual Health Scope and Sequence below. Contact for more information.

Middle School Scope and Sequence

Please fill out the form below for a downloadable version of Middle School Scope and Sequence.  Please save this file to your computer.

Middle School Scope and Sequence

2020 Edition

Best Practices in STI/HIV and Pregnancy Prevention is designed to meet the sexual health education standards for youth ages 13-18, both in and out of formal education settings. The goal of the curriculum is to provide young people with a foundation of knowledge and skills to make decisions for their sexual health and overall well-being in achieving healthy futures. The curriculum contents include:

  • lessons on goal setting, affirmative consent, sexual decision making, pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention, accessing services and healthy relationships.
  • activities that are inclusive of youth regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • a student-centered, interactive approach designed to meet a range of learning styles.
  • activities that enhance knowledge, attitudes and skills for promoting healthy sexual behavior and decision-making.
  • lesson objectives that are aligned with Maine’s Health Education standards.

Please feel free to download the Best Practices curriculum below or contact to request a hard copy of the curriculum.

The Best Practices Virtual Classroom is a companion piece for the Best Practices curriculum. Watch the “Start Here” video and the “How to Edit” instructions for information on how to use the Best Practices Virtual Classroom. Reach out to us at for one-on-one support in how to adapt the virtual classroom to meet your needs.

Best Practices Curriculum

Please fill out the form below for a downloadable version of Best Practices in STI/HIV and Pregnancy Prevention.  Please save the curriculum files to your computer.

Best Practices Curriculum
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