Comprehensive Sexuality Education Conference

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2019 Conference - Celebrating the Evolution of the Educator

14th Annual Comprehensive Sexuality Education Conference

Celebrating the Evolution of the Educator

April 5, 2019

8:00-3:30 pm

$60 adults, $30 students

Augusta Civic Center, 76 Community Drive, Augusta, Maine

Stacey Vannah, Health Educator, Keynote Speaker

95% of U.S. teenagers report that they have a smartphone or access to one. They can’t look away from their devices…and now, neither can we!  Whether we like it or not, these palm-sized computers play a big role in the lives of our young people.  As educators, providers and support workers, it is important that we understand more about this new challenge, the effect it is having and how to address the problems that are surfacing. We are going to talk about how smartphones can affect the brain, the behaviors, and the sexuality of youth.  You will gain a greater understanding about the connections they have to their smartphones and how to help them navigate their sexuality in a healthy and productive way.

Skill-building workshops, exhibit tables, networking

Audience:  Teachers, School Nurses, Youth Educators, Social Service Agency Staff

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