Fighting for Your Rights in Augusta & Washington, DC

Check this page regularly for updates on bills and issues of public policy that we are tracking and advocating around. Maine Family Planning utilizes a Reproductive Justice framework for our legislative advocacy and organizing work, which means we engage on issues and policies that relate—in positive and negative ways—to the following three core principles of Reproductive Justice:

1) The right to not have children.

2) The right to have children.

3) The right to parent children in healthy & safe environments.

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State Legislation We’re Tracking

  • LD 1063, An Act to Reduce the Number of Substance Exposed Infants – MFP supports this bill as one initial step in addressing our state’s crisis at the intersections of women’s economic & social vulnerability, substance use and pregnancy. We believe in the need to address ‘upstream’ issues, including the accessibility of sexual and reproductive health services and education for women at the highest risk for pregnancies impacted by substance use. We advocate solutions to this crisis that are compassionate, evidence-based and provide care rather than enforcing criminalization of pregnant people.

4/12 – LD1063 Action Alert – Brakey Amendment – Make calls today to stop this discriminatory amendment!

  •  LD 1904, An Act to Prohibit the Practice of Female Genital Mutilation of a Minor – MFP opposes this bill for several reasons: 1) FGM is NOT happening in Maine and the State Attorney General has stated the federal law is enough for her to prosecute if there were evidence of this practice being performed here, 2) Stirring up fear of criminalization in the Somali community–which is targeted by this bill–will only create more barriers to trusting health care providers, particularly in regards to reproductive and sexual health, 3) The bill is grounded in Islamophobia. The Southern Poverty Law Center identified that the language of the bill is promoted by ACT for America, an anti-Muslim hate group. It seeks to link Islam to FGM, criminalize FGM, and then portray Islam as criminal and dangerous to women and girls. FGM is not a religious practice and it is not happening in our state.

4/11 – Action Alert : Stop the Dangerous FGM Bill! 

Eyes on Maine

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Your Rights in Washington, D.C.

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