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Check this page regularly for updates on bills and issues of public policy that we are tracking and advocating around. Maine Family Planning utilizes a Reproductive Justice framework for our legislative advocacy and organizing work, which means we engage on issues and policies that relate—in positive and negative ways—to the following three core principles of Reproductive Justice:

1) The right to not have children.

2) The right to have children.

3) The right to parent children in healthy & safe environments.

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#NoGagRule #SaveTitleX
MFP is Fighting the Gag Rule in Court

Maine Family Planning opposes the Trump-Pence administration’s latest attack on affordable reproductive health care: the Domestic Gag Rule, which would sabotage the nation’s Title X family planning program.

On Wednesday, March 6, Maine Family Planning (MFP) took the fight to court. Represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights and Covington & Burling LLP, we are asking the District Court of Maine to block the Rule, parts of which take effect on May 3, 2019.

The Domestic Gag Rule will:

  • Force healthcare providers that receive Title X funding like MFP to stop performing abortions, even though no federal funds finance abortion.
  • Prohibit doctors at these facilities from making referrals to abortion providers, even when the patient requests a referral.
  • Force doctors to give all pregnant patients prenatal referrals, even when the patient doesn’t want one.
  • Divert Title X funding to non-medical organizations known as “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are designed to look like medical clinics but aim to deter women from getting abortions.

These are unacceptable and offensive provisions that go against medical ethics, standards of care, and MFP’s mission to provide comprehensive, evidence-based, and affordable care to all Mainers. As Maine’s Title X grantee, we oppose all efforts to undermine a tremendously successful program that helps millions of women each year control their reproductive lives and futures.

So we’re fighting the Gag Rule with everything we’ve got.

We will keep you updated as our case progresses. In the meantime, understand that we are an independent provider battling an administration that appears hell-bent on sabotaging women’s health and abortion access. Will you support this fight? Help us defend Title X.

Of course, nothing will stop us from fulfilling our mission of providing the full range of reproductive health care to people who need it. We are committed to continuing to make quality family planning and abortion care available in Maine, regardless of geography, income, or situation in life.

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