Fighting for Your Rights in Augusta & Washington, DC

Check this page regularly for updates on bills and issues of public policy that we are tracking and advocating. Maine Family Planning utilizes a Reproductive Justice framework for our legislative advocacy and organizing work, which means we engage on issues and policies that relate—in positive and negative ways—to the following three core principles of Reproductive Justice:

1) The right to not have children.

2) The right to have children.

3) The right to parent children in healthy & safe environments.

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Family Planning Works 4 ME!

Maine Family Planning is working hard to secure public funding for the statewide family planning network, which encompasses MFP’s 18 clinics as well as over 30 additional health centers that provide essential services, such as birth control, to predominately low-income patients around Maine.

Family planning services empower Mainers to build the lives and families they envision, to decide when and whether to parent, and to pursue educational and career goals on their own timelines.

That’s why we’re supporting LD 1613, “An Act Regarding Women’s Health and Economic Security,” a bill that would replace lost federal funds with state funds to sustain Maine’s existing family planning network.

Tens of thousands of patients rely on these family planning providers for affordable birth control, STI tests and treatment, cancer screenings, wellness exams, and more.

Without a strong, statewide family planning network, these Mainers could lose access to affordable, non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health care in their local communities. We won’t let that happen. Together, let’s spread the word: Family Planning Works for ME!

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Contact US Rep. Chellie Pingree: (207) 774-5019

Contact US Rep. Jared Golden: (207) 241-6767

Contact US Sen. Angus King: (207) 622-8292

Contact US Sen. Susan Collins: (207) 622-8414

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