Increase Abortion Access by Sharing Your Story

Maine Family Planning and our allies are working to improve rural health care by changing state law to allow qualified nurse practitioners and nurse midwives to perform abortions.

Right now, Maine’s “physician-only” law makes it more difficult—and expensive—for people to access abortion care, in some cases forcing them to travel many hours, take time off work and/or caretaking responsibilities, and pay for childcare to obtain the procedure.

We have clinicians and medical staff who are ready to share their perspectives on why nurse practitioners and nurse midwives are well-qualified to provide abortions.

Now, we need REAL-LIFE STORIES from patients like you.

  • Did you have to travel a long way to get an abortion?
  • Did you delay your appointment until a physician was available?
  • Were you unable to get an abortion that you wanted because of travel, costs, or scheduling problems?

We are inviting you to share your story, either anonymously or publicly. There are a few options:

Thank you for lending your voice to the struggle for just health care access in Maine!


Share Your Story