August 21, 2019


I love being part of an organization where we are doing amazing work and really making a difference in people’s lives.

Leah Coplon, MFP Program Director

The Abortion Diary, founded and directed by Dr. Melissa Madera, empowers people to share “their full, unmediated abortion experiences in a safe and supportive environment.” It is the only publicly accessible audio collection of abortion stories and listeners can stream a new story every Tuesday on the website (under the abortion stories tab) or via SoundCloudiTunesStitcher Radio, and ivoox

At this year’s Abortion Care Network annual conference, Melissa recorded an episode with MFP’s Program Director Leah Coplon, who oversees abortion care and innovative sexual and reproductive health programming like the Reproductive Empowerment Project.

Leah talked about her career in reproductive health care ⁠— including as a certified nurse midwife, labor and delivery nurse, and abortion care provider. She said it is an honor to be with people during “vulnerable times, challenging times, powerful times.” She spoke about how MFP clinic staff do such a good job of making sure every patient is treated with dignity and respect. And she celebrated how independent providers like MFP and our fellow indies are uniquely situated to serve local communities and come up with solutions that work.

Take a listen here today and celebrate abortion providers every day!