March 29, 2018

#PledgeAProvider, Abortion, Reproductive Rights

Our 2018 #PledgeAProvider campaign has come to an end, and thanks to your generosity, we brought in over $11,000 to fund Maine Family Planning health care, sexuality education, and advocacy programs.

The goal with this campaign was, as MFP board member Liz Hays wrote in a powerful op-ed published in the Portland Press Herald, “to demystify and spotlight the important work we do statewide — to show people that despite opposition from many corners, we choose to proudly step forward rather than retreat into the shadows. The protesters may be present for 40 days, but we’re here for our patients, day in and day out.”

We heard from members of the MFP team about why they do this work, what they hear most from patients, and what they wish they could say to the anti-abortion picketers who spent more than six weeks camped out across the street with gruesome, misleading signs.

For me, one of the best parts of this effort was seeing how eager staffers were to participate — how much they wanted to share their thoughts and values, how proud they were of the care we provide, and how compassionate they are, not just to our patients but even to our opponents. We truly have an amazing team of providers, in the broad sense of the term, at Maine Family Planning.

Thank you for supporting them, and for helping us fund those at the front lines of reproductive health.

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