February 26, 2018

Birth Control

The Trump Administration’s budget proposal released yesterday is an affront to women and families nationwide. It targets abortion providers like Maine Family Planning by prohibiting any Health and Human Services funding, including Medicaid and family planning funding, from going to any clinic or health care facility that also offers abortion services. While the move is unsurprising, it is no less unsettling. This is an ideological attack that, if implemented, will only erect additional barriers to health care for poor, low-income, and vulnerable people.

Furthermore, President Trump’s budget makes harmful cuts to a wide range of safety net programs; allocates no money to teen pregnancy prevention while promoting ineffective abstinence-only sex ed; and flat funds the Title X family planning program, leaving health care providers like Maine Family Planning without adequate resources to serve our communities. We oppose this damaging blueprint and will do all we can to ensure its misguided priorities never see the light of day.