How Fake Clinics Use Google — and More — to Mislead Women

Plane pulling banner reading, "Searching for abortion care? Google lies"

Abortion, Fake Clinics

Imagine you just found out you’re pregnant and you may want an abortion. You need accurate, timely, trustworthy information about your options. Where would you turn? Most people would head straight to Google on their computer or smartphone, and search something like, “pregnancy help” or “abortion near me.” Beware: The results you get may not […]

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We’re Gearing Up to Fight Trump’s Gag Rule & Stop Title X Sabotage


Abortion, Birth Control, Get Involved, Reproductive Justice, Reproductive Rights, Title X

For close to 50 years, Maine Family Planning has been the sole Title X grantee for the state of Maine, administering a bedrock federal program enacted under President Richard Nixon to ensure everyone has access to quality family planning services, regardless of how much money they make. At our 18 clinics statewide, and working with […]

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The Supreme Court Takes on Fake Clinics

US Supreme Court

Abortion, Fake Clinics, Health Care

2018 could mark a turning point in the fight against so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs), those fake clinics that lie to women in order to deter them from getting an abortion. CPCs have been in the news lately, and we’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the coming months—especially with the Supreme Court set to take a closer look […]

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