May 11, 2020

Sex Ed

This May, we’re joining groups all around the country to celebrate — and demand! — Sex Ed for All. Launched last year, Sex Ed for All Month is a re-imagining of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month focused on empowering young people with the education and health care they need to build the relationships, families, and futures they want.

As the organizers state in their Call to Action:

“It’s a month focused on providing young people with the sexual health information and access to resources they need and deserve in order to make healthy decisions for themselves.  

“Sex Ed for All is our pledge to work to provide all young people access to the information and care that they need to ensure their lifelong sexual and reproductive health, especially those who continuously face systemic barriers, racism, and discrimination, including young people of color, LGBTQ young people, immigrants, youth with disabilities, those with lower incomes, those living in rural areas, and system impacted youth.”

Sounds right up MFP’s alley! So, during this month, we’ll be sharing online sexual health resources (like our Sex Ed in the Age of Covid-19 learning hub), tips/tricks/conversation starters (like these awesome prompts from Power to Decide), and hopefully words of wisdom from some special guests.

MFP Prevention Coordinator Maddy Magnuson kicks things off in this video:

Join the conversation on Twitter under the hashtag #SexEdForAll.

Talk to you soon!