May 15, 2020

Birth Control, Family Planning, Health Care

Hormonal birth control like the Pill (which has been around for 60 years this month, wow!) is pretty awesome at preventing unplanned pregnancy and has other positive side effects, too.

Still, there are lots of reasons you may stop using oral contraception or another hormonal method. Sometimes, it’s because you’re ready and able to start a family or want to try a fertility awareness method. But there are lots of other possibilities.

Maybe you can’t get to a clinic and don’t have internet access for a Virtual Visit for birth control. Maybe you’re recently unemployed or uninsured and don’t know how you’ll pay for the prescription. Maybe you’re having relationship or family issues and are worried about confidentiality. Maybe you’re worried about side effects of birth control that you’ve heard about on the news ,or from a friend.

Maybe there’s a Covid-19 pandemic going on and everything is topsy-turvy and it just fell of your list. Understandable.

Here at MFP, we’re here to help you figure out what birth control method works best for your life and circumstances. Before you stop taking your birth control pill, coming for your Depo shot, or using your birth control ring, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about your lifestyle and reproductive life plan:

  • Are you hoping to get pregnant in the next 12 months?
  • When do you see yourself starting a family?
  • What’s your daily routine?
  • Are you in a healthy relationship?

Let’s talk about finances: At MFP, our goal is to provide affordable and high-quality sexual and reproductive health care to all Mainers, regardless of their ability to pay. We can help you figure out programs and paperwork or point you toward helpful resources.

Let’s talk about your body! Your clinician can answer any questions you have about how birth control will interact with your body, your sex life, and any conditions you may be living with.

These conversations get at the core of our work as family planning providers — we want to empower you to pursue your dreams and build the life and family you envision, on your timeline. And we want you to feel confident about the choices you’re making for your body and health.

Abruptly stopping use of birth control can have side effects of its own — most importantly, an unplanned pregnancy, but also abnormal bleeding and hormone swings.

That’s why we urge all patients to talk to their trusted medical provider before stopping or switching birth control.

In response to Covid-19, MFP is offering many services online, through telehealth – including birth control care. Our Virtual Visits can happen wherever you are, as long as you have internet access and a phone or computer with a camera. We can see new or current patients through Virtual Visits. Call us at 207-922-3222 or go online to learn more.