April 1, 2020

Sex Ed

Are you an educator who is responsible for teaching young people about their bodies, healthy relationships, or sexual health? Are you struggling to teach health topics, puberty, or sex ed from a distance? Maine Family Planning’s Prevention team is here to help!

MFP’s prevention coordinators know that Maine’s sexual health educators are committed to providing comprehensive sexuality education that’s medically accurate, age-appropriate, and affirming for people of all identities. We also know that educators are juggling new technologies and new modes of engagement with students and parents as we all face the Covid-19 pandemic. And we want to make it easier to incorporate sex ed topics into your online teaching.

So, we compiled a ton of helpful resources at our new page: For Educators During Covid-19.

Click through and you’ll find videos and coloring pages aimed toward elementary-aged students; online worksheets that align with MFP’s Puberty Happens curriculum; LGBTQ+ support group connections for middle- and high-school kids; ideas for creative projects related to sexual health; and web-based activities to promote knowledge and awareness among older teens, like this Condom Game.

We also provide resources geared directly toward parents and young people. Plus, we highlight ways to tie lessons on hygiene, self-care, and creating healthy boundaries to the current pandemic.

If you need more support, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our expert prevention coordinators are always available for Zoom, email, or phone consultations to discuss teaching sensitive topics with asynchronous online tools and printable worksheets. Email education@mainefamilyplanning.org to get the conversation started.

We appreciate all you are doing right now to support student learning amid great social and economic uncertainty. Together, we can ensure that Maine youth have the information and support they need to flourish even in challenging times.