March 26, 2020

Abortion, Reproductive Justice, Reproductive Rights

First things first: Maine Family Planning continues to provide medication abortions and aspiration abortions for all Mainers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Call 207-922-3222 to find out how we can help you access safe and timely abortion care.

MFP is a pioneer when it comes to using telehealth technology to meet people’s sexual and reproductive health care needs. We’ve been offering telehealth abortions since 2016, and we continue to expand our Virtual Visits service to cover more types of telehealth care. We are also a partner in the TelAbortion study, which allows us to send abortion pills by mail.

We can help you while also keeping you, our providers, and our communities safe and healthy.

Accessing Abortion During a Pandemic

We are dismayed that anti-abortion politicians in some states are already using the current Covid-19 upheaval to chip away at people’s reproductive rights (or to yank them away opportunistically, as the case may be). Meanwhile, abortion providers face unique challenges as they try to keep their doors open for patients during this time.

We want you to know that MFP is working hard to maintain abortion access in Maine and beyond, because abortion is essential health care.

If you need an abortion, call us at 207-922-3222. You can talk to a compassionate, non-judgmental expert about how we can meet your needs while keeping you and our staff healthy and safe.

If you live in Maine or New York and meet certain criteria, you may qualify to receive abortion pills by mail. You will need access to a smartphone or computer with internet connection and a webcam and microphone. Right now, we can send abortion pills by mail to people who live in Maine or New York.

We can also provide medication abortion (abortion pills) via telehealth and a no-contact visit to an MFP clinic near you. Call 207-922-3222 to learn more.

For patients who need an aspiration abortion at our Center for Reproductive Health in Augusta, our staff are following CDC guidelines and observing strict protocols to avoid disease transmission in our clinics. Our topmost goal is to provide the care you need, safely.

We know that many Mainers, including our patients, are facing uncertainty and hard times. We too are unsure about what tomorrow brings. But we are committed to serving all Mainers, because reproductive health care is essential, even — or perhaps especially — during a pandemic. We are here for you.